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Wedding: Sophia and Brian Everett

Project Type: Wedding Photography

It was a real pleasure meeting with such a fantastic couple like Sophia and Brian. The energy at the wedding was simply as amazing as the people who were there. I was honored to be given the task of making this special day unforgettable.

The wedding was modeled after Sophia's dream of a "French wedding". I was myself impressed by the quality and the attention to details -- from the vintage Citroen 15CV to the french-style napery and tableware -- and it was my honor to capture every details of it.

Sophia kindly allowed me to share a small selection of pictures from the event for you all to enjoy.


  • Julie Osment - Bride

    Victor went beyond my expectations: Our wedding pictures are flawless! He even somehow significantly improved the look of our pictures and made them look perfect and sunny (we were worried the weather would prevent nice outside shots but Victor saved the day!) Amazing work!!
  • Mark Derby - Industrial designer

    Having worked with several professional photographers before, I'd like to say that Victor is the kind of person who doesn't like to "leave" until you are fully satisfied with the results; He's an artist, but the hard-working kind. He was very thorough and knowledgeable and was able to adapt his creative skills to our work environment. Victor clearly knows his stuff, I highly recommend!
  • Emily Rosewood - Happy Bride

    Thank you very much for your excellent work and talent!! The idea of giving a copy of our wedding book with linen cover to my parents was simply wonderful, they were very touched! We could never be more grateful to you for making our special day so "unforgettable" as you like to say!

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Victor Enviar also won the Ellsworth's #1 Photographer price of 2011.

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